Mezuro - A Free Software platform for code metrics

Mar 30, 2017

Welcome to the Mezuro Project. We aim to build a web platform for anyone to analyze the quality of their software with ease. Read the latest developments below, learn more about the project by visiting any of the other pages available through the menu, check it out live at or browse the code at Github.

Contribution Ideas

Mar 30, 2017

Want to contribute to the project? Below you can find a list of existing contribution ideas and instructions on how to suggest your own.


Apr 4, 2016

This tutorial lists important definitions used throughout the Mezuro website. Knowing them is vital for complete understanding of the platform.

Setting up a new configuration

Apr 4, 2016

This tutorial shows how create and customize a configuration. That process includes the creation of what we call Metric Configurations and their interpretations. In the end, you’ll be able to configure your own set of metrics and use them to process repositories.

Analyzing a repository

Apr 1, 2016

This tutorial shows how to analyze a repository’s source code. It will guide you through the creation of a “project” - optional - and a repository. In the end, you’ll be able to understand the results of the analysis.

Add new Metric Collectors

Feb 5, 2016

A Metric Collector is responsible for parsing the Repositories’ code and returning results that can be parsed and aggregated according to modules, functions or the entire software.

Improve Usability

Feb 5, 2016

Prezento has been created back in 2013 using Twitter Bootstrap. Since then, lots of features got in gradually degrading its usability. Currently, the website has a lot of issues related to the UI that can be improved.

Improvements over metric configurations

Feb 5, 2016

Metric Configurations are the structure that give a meaning to the data obtained by the Metric Collectors. They can be used, in conjunction with Kalibro Ranges, to create standards for code quality between projects.

KalibroConfiguration Cloning

Feb 3, 2016

KalibroConfiguration is the main object that holds and give scope to all the configuration components. As it is hard and requires several steps to create such structure, enable cloning of KalibroConfiguraions and its substructures will provide better usability for advanced users that are interested in configuring.